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Welcome Back 2021

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Library FAQS

  • How many books can I check out?
    • Our current policy is two books per student.  If additional titles are required for research, arrangements can be made by speaking with Mrs. Fultz.
  • How long can I keep a book before I have to renew it?
    • Three weeks.  You can renew for an additional three weeks. Because of high demand, graphic novels are not renewable.
  • Do I need a library card?
    • Nope, just your name and a smile.
  • What do I use to find a book in the library?
    • ISearch is the name of the library catalog.  You can access it through the Library Canvas or the school's website.  If you are prompted for a user id and password you will use:
        • user id: troy
        • password: trojans
  • What should I do if I can't find my library book?
    • First make sure you've checked all of the following:  your classrooms, your car, under your bed, in your locker and any book shelves you may have at home.  If you still can't locate the book, inform Mrs. Fultz.  Generally, the lost book will either have to be paid for or replaced before check out privileges are restored.
  • When can I access the library? 
    • After 7:15am, during class (if okay with your teacher), during your study hall period, or after school.  
  • What are the library rules?
    • No Phones or earbuds.
    • Be on time.
    • Stay busy;  do not distract those around you.
    • Use of the copier/printer is for school work only.
    • You will need a pass to enter or leave the library.
    • No eating in the library.
  • Can I use the library printer/copier?
    • Students can use the printer/copier for school work only. The library does not have a color printer.
  • I'd like to spend my study hall period in the library. What is the sign-up procedure?
    • First, when it's time for your study hall, do not go to the cafeteria.  Go straight to the library and add your name to the list.
    • No more than two students at each table during study hall.
    • Once the late bell rings, attendance will be submitted to the main office.
    • Once you've signed in and are included in attendance, you will stay in the library for the remainder of the period.
  • What if I need technical assistance with my Chromebook?
    • If you forgot your Chromebook, forgot to charge your Chromebook, or your Chromebook is having technical difficulties, you will need to visit the library to have your issue addressed.  We will attempt to assess the situation and provide a loaner for the day. 
    • It is important to remember if you borrow a Chromebook from the library, you must return it at the end of the day.
    • Chronic inability to remember to bring  your Chromebook or keep it charged may result in detention.

charge your chromebook


After your fifth borrowing occurrence, you will be assigned a detention with Mrs. Fultz.

This does not include borrowing because your chromebook is being repaired.

Failure to serve the detention will result in an office referral.

Charge your Chromebook and bring it to school everyday.

Library Annual Reports

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